I Ching Calligraphy Art by Wang Dongling

wang-dongling-i-chingWang Dongling, one of China’s leading calligraphers, has an art exhibit of I Ching-based calligraphy.

The China Daily wrote: “At the exhibition being held at the Tiamiao temple on Monday, titled Between Heaven & Heart, Wang will display a piece work of “chaos calligraphy” in which he rewrote in white paint the Chinese divination classics I-Ching, or Book of Changes, on a 32-meter-long glass board. The script, regardless of its unrecognizable style, brings a renewed visual experience of which people focus on the rhythm of lines instead of the meaning of characters.”

Wang has exhibited and taught around the world.

I Ching News

bamboo slips2016-4-15—A review article in the New York Review of Books of Buried Ideas: Legends of Abdication and Ideal Government in Early Chinese Bamboo-Slip Manuscripts, by Sarah Allan discusses the discovery of the Guodian Chu bamboo slips (left), and what implications they have for the study of the diversity of thought in late Zhou thought and ideas of the past.

2016-2-26 — The New York Review of Books has an extensive review of recent I Ching translations by David Hinton and John Minford. (See our review of Hinton’s translation below).

2016-2-26 — The London Yijing Society meets regularly for discussions of the Book of Changes. Visit their site for newly posted talks by the late Daoist Liu Ming and for their study program.