yijing i ching baguaStudy
I Ching Insitute Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog
Living Tao—Chungliang Al Huang
Center for Zhouyi & Ancient Chinese Philosophy—Jinan, China
Chinese Institute of Zhou-yi—Taiwan
Online Clarity—Hilary Barrett
London Yijing Society

Online Resources

Chinese Text Project, includes dictionary and James Legge translation.
Digital East Asian Collection—Bavarian State Library, view old editions on line or download.
Deciphering Wen—J.M. Berger’s visual musings on hexagram order.
Edward Shaughessy, Professor at U Chicago, Zhouyi specialist. Links to talks and books.
Golden Elixer—Fabrizio Pregadio’s site about Internal Alchemy
Hanziyuan–A site devoted to Chinese character etymology
Hermetica–Bradford Hatcher, includes a translation
Hexagrammatics–Larry Schulz, thesis and articles
I Ching: Living Change–Stephen Karcher
I Ching on the Net–Greg Whincup
I Ching—James Legge translation, public domain, with helpful formatting
London Yijing SocietyDr. Matthew Watkins Lectures on Mathematics and Yijing
Online Clarity—Community forum maintained by Hilary Barrett
Understanding the I Ching—Nana Akosua Baakan Agyiriwah, video series
Virtual Yarrow Stalk–Russell Cottrell; many resources, virtual yarrow casting, annotated book list.
White Dragon–Lily Chung
Yi Globe—József Drasny
Yi Jing, Oracle of the Sun—LiSe Heyboer
Yijing Dao Calling Crane in the Shade–Steven Marshall; reviews, resources, texts and more.
Yijing Research—Harmen Mesker
Yixue [Yi Studies] Bibliography—Extensive list of books and articles about the Yijing

Early China–Academic journal
Empty Vessel–Daoist philosophy and lifestyle, qigong, Chinese culture
Journal of Asian Martial Arts
Journal of Asian Studies
Journal of Chinese Philosophy
Journal of Chinese Religion
Journal of Daoist Studies
Qi Journal–Quarterly magazine about Chinese culture, medicine, qigong, taiji, and other topics
Three Pines Press–Daoist Studies and Chinese Religion/Philosophy
Taijiquan Journal